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Through My Grief

Affirmation Cards - During The Holidays

Affirmation Cards - During The Holidays

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The holidays can be a difficult time for anyone who has lost a loved one. The happy memories of past holidays spent together can bring forth a flood of emotions that can be tough to navigate. That's why we created these 25 Affirmation Cards For The Holidays.

Each card features a different holiday-themed affirmation that will help you get through this tough time. From "I deserve to enjoy the holiday season" to "When my energy levels are low, I know that it's time for a break," these cards will help you feel supported and comforted as you grieve.

If you're struggling to find the strength to get through the holidays, let these affirmation cards be your guide. They'll remind you that you're not alone and that you have the power to make this holiday season special, despite your loss.

- Size: 80 mm x 80 mm

Note: affirmation stand included, ONLY while stocks last.

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